Bridgeview Bank lobby and seating area with view of teller counter


The best across all Disciplines.

Our People

  • Alex Samoylovich, Cedar Street Co-Founder & Managing Partner

    Alex Samoylovich

    Co-Founder, Managing Partner
  • Will Murphy

    Co-Founder, CEO
  • Mark Heffron, Cedar Street CDO & Managing Partner

    Mark Heffron

    Co-Founder, CDO
  • Heather Fritz, Cedar Street Creative & Interiors Director

    Heather Fritz

    Interior Design Director
  • Patrick Madison, Cedar Street CFO

    Patrick Madison

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Kit Barmeyer, Cedar Street Managing Director, Development

    Kit Barmeyer

    Managing Director, Development
  • Krystina Bianchi

    Executive Assistant
  • Emilia Merchen, Cedar Street Director of Hospitality

    Emilia Merchen

    Regional Property Manager, and Commercial Director
  • Nick Pinto, Cedar Street Regional Property Manager

    Nick Pinto

    Regional Property Manger
  • Evan Basse, Cedar Street Sr. Financial Analyst, Acquisitions

    Evan Basse

    Associate, Acquisitions
  • Max Dooley, Cedar Street Financial Analyst, Acquisitions

    Max Dooley

    Financial Analyst, Acquisitions
  • Griffin Epping, Cedar Street Associate, Acquisitions

    Griffin Epping

    Director, Acquisitions
  • Brandon Hughes

    Managing Director of Capital Markets
  • Leann Ditter, Cedar Street Interior Design Associate

    LeAnn Ditter

    Interior Design 1
  • Trigney Morgan, Cedar Street Leasing Professional

    Trigney Morgan

    Leasing Professional
  • Ben Greene, Cedar Street Project Manager

    Ben Greene

    Project Manager
  • Gina Wright

    Property Manager
  • Tim Grimms, Cedar Street Development Manager

    Tim Grimms

    Development Manager
  • Dermot Hanafin, Cedar Street Project Manager

    Dermot Hanafin

    Senior Project Manager
  • Kenny Kamps, Cedar Street Director of Accounting

    Kenny Kamps

    Director of Accounting
  • Yousuf Azeem

    Property Manager
  • George Schelble

    Financial Analyst
  • Maja Bennett

    Property Manager
  • Sam Kociak

    Associate Director of Asset Management
  • Kamdyn Rhodes

    Assistant Property Manager
  • Emma Harris, Cedar Street Assistant Property Manager

    Emma Harris

    Assistant Property Manager
  • Lee Tamakloe

    Payroll & Benefits Manager
  • Anna Bruder

    Senior Property Manager
  • Maria Irias, Cedar Street Assistant Property Manager

    Maria Irias

    Assistant Property Manager
  • Colin McBride, Cedar Street Assistant Project Manager

    Colin McBride

    Assistant Project Manager
  • Erika Sancen, Cedar Street Controller

    Erika Sancen

  • Laurel Rich, Cedar Street Property Manager

    Laurel Rich

    Property Manager
  • Lynda Leigh, Cedar Street Development Manager

    Lynda Leigh

    Development Manager
  • Samantha Nahimov, Cedar Street Financial Analyst

    Samantha Nahimov

    Financial Analyst
  • Kayla Williams, Cedar Street Leasing Professional

    Kayla Williams

    Leasing Professional
  • Troy Thompson, Cedar Street Office Manager

    Troy Thompson

    Executive Assistant & Office Manager
  • Bryana Yergler, Cedar Street Development Manager

    Bryana Yergler

    Development Manager
  • Stephanie O'Laughlin, Cedar Street Project Manager

    Stephanie O'Laughlin

    Project Manager
  • Blake Ripley

    Blake Ripley

    Financial Analyst, Acquisitions
  • Greg Palivos, Cedar Street Head of Business Development

    Greg Palivos

    Business Development
  • Cory Cannon

    Cory Cannon

    Leasing Professional
  • Gunnar Blakeway-Walen

    Gunnar Blakeway-Walen

    Marketing Coordinator
  • Eric Murphy, Cedar Street Sr. Property Accountant

    Eric Murphy

    Senior Property Accountant